SAN MATEO Calif., October 30, 2014 – Norse ( and Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions (MBSD) today announced a partnership to bring new cyber security solutions based on the Norse DarkMatter™ live threat intelligence platform to businesses in Japan to protect them from today’s advanced cyber threats.  Through the partnership, Tokyo-based MBSD will combine its own security experience and knowhow with branded versions of the Norse Darklist™ and DarkViking™ threat intelligence solutions to offer its enterprise customers more and more advanced security measures to guard against cyber attacks.

“The number and sophistication of cyber threats continues to grow, and the inability of existing security solutions to adequately defend against them is driving the need for a new, live intelligence-based approach to security,” said Toshio Kanki, CEO at Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions, Inc.  “Norse is the leader in providing live threat intelligence solutions, and we are very excited to be able to build upon this technology to create new cyber security solutions to protect our customers from these growing threats.”

The patented Norse DarkViking Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution gathers “dark intelligence” from the parts of the Internet where bad actors operate. Its powerful security analytics provide rich contextual reporting and unique algorithms to detect zero day and even pre-attack malware, enabling organizations to drastically increase their overall security posture.  A flexible RESTful API and direct solution-level integration enable DarkViking to be used with existing security solutions to provide the ability to detect and block today’s advanced cyber threats and malware before they enter the enterprise network.

The Norse Darklist offering is the world’s first comprehensive blacklist of the Internet’s highest-risk IP addresses.  Continuously updated, the Darklist solution provides a Norse risk score for each of about 4 million IP address and other contextual data to deliver information that is live, accurate and actionable.  Available via a simple RESTful API query (manual or automated) and returned in CSV format, the Darklist solution is easily integrated into customers’ existing security information and event management systems (SIEMs) and other security solutions.

“We are delighted to be working with Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions to combine the benefits of our live threat intelligence solutions with their security offerings to bring greater advanced threat protection to their enterprise customers in Japan,” said David Somerville, vice president and GM, International at Norse. “The partnership with MBSD is an important step towards bringing Norse’s solutions and support services to the international community.  The addition of Norse live threat intelligence will enable MBSD customers to protect their networks from new, fast-growing classes of ‘grey threats,’ such as those from cloud vectors and compromised embedded devices. It will also stop enterprise data from being stolen via Tor and other anonymous proxies, and block malicious network traffic at the network edge, prevent account takeover fraud from stolen credentials and reduce ecommerce fraud.”

About MBSD

MBSD is the leading Japanese security company in managed security services, vulnerability assessment and testing, GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) consulting, incident response and handling, digital forensics, and secure programming training services. The MBSD services are provided by its personnel including the leading security experts in the field of secure programming, application security, penetration testing and threat analysis who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of attackers’ methodologies. MBSD works with Internet infrastructure companies, cyber commerce and media giants, financial institutes, global enterprise, and government agencies in Japan to support their strategies against rapidly increasing threats from cyber space.

About Norse

Norse is the global leader in live attack intelligence. Norse delivers continuously updated Internet and Darknet intel that helps organizations detect and block attacks that other systems miss. The Norse DarkMatter™ platform detects new threats and tags nascent hazards long before they are spotted by traditional threat intelligence tools.  Norse’s globally distributed distant early warning grid of millions of dark sensors, honeypots, crawlers, and agents delivers unique visibility into the darknets, where bad actors operate. The Norse network processes hundreds of terabytes daily and computes over 1,500 distinct risk factors, live, for millions of IP addresses and URLs every day. Norse products tightly integrate with popular SIEM, IPS, and next-generation firewall products to dramatically improve the performance, catch-rate and return-on-investment of your existing security infrastructure. For more information, visit

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