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Leveraging Threat Intelligence in Security Monitoring

With today’s advanced threats and malware evading traditional security controls at an alarming rate, the role of security monitoring has become more important than ever.

While SIEM and big data security analytics solutions excel at the collection and analysis of an organization’s internal data, enrichment of the data with external threat intelligence has proven to be a powerful solution for enabling the rapid detection of advanced malware and breaches and improving the incident response process.

Norse has sponsored a paper by information security research and analyst firm Securosis to help organizations better understand the security monitoring process and how to leverage threat intelligence for the rapid detection of advanced malware threats and improvement of the incident response process.

Download your complimentary copy and learn:

  • How to update your security monitoring process to integrate threat intelligence and malware analysis
  • The value of the different types and sources of both internal and external threat intelligence
  • How to score quick wins with threat intelligence, as well as creating longer term sustainable advantages

Download your copy of the new Securosis paper to gain a deeper understanding of security monitoring and how to leverage threat intelligence to improve security posture.

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