Preventing Advanced Attacks with McAfee Next Generation Firewall and Norse Live Dark Intelligence

Integrating dark intelligence into edge security for rapid detection and prevention of advanced threats

Norse’s live dark intelligence combined with McAfee Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) provides enhanced capabilities for detecting and preventing advanced threats. Integrating Norse threat intelligence into McAfee NGFW enables the firewall to proactively block known and unknown attacks. Norse provides contextual, risk-weighted, and continuously updated threat intelligence collected from its global infrastructure, including anonymous darknets and the deep web from where many bad actors operate. The integration adds critical external context to internal security events enabling rapid advanced threat detection risk-based prioritization of threats and incident response, and reduction of the time for analysts to get from data to insight to resolution.

Use Cases:

  • Proactive blocking or alerting on

    high risk connections for advanced

    malware and targeted attack detection

  • Risk-based threat prioritization for

    improved incident response

  • Post-attack forensics to quickly detect

    and mitigate compromises reducing

    risk of breach

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