Continuous Compromise Detection for Customer and Partner Networks

The Norse Intelligence Service provides unprecedented visibility into threats targeting your specific enterprise and your partner ecosystem. Root out malware, bots, and trojans hiding anywhere in your extended networks.

Today’s corporate networks increasingly combine in-house IT infrastructures with public and private cloud services, often connecting to business partners, suppliers, and other third parties, blurring the lines of the traditional enterprise “perimeter”. These extended network integrations, SaaS services, and the rise of BYOD significantly increase the attack surface of the organization as a whole. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to “do the basics” — keep track of sensitive data and protect against compromise — while more sophisticated attacks are coming online every day.


  • Continuous, automated “outside-in” monitoring of your enterprise and partner networks
  • Norse fusion analysts are available to help triage compromises and support incident response
  • A dynamic web portal enables your analysts to keep track of events, do further investigation, and access Norse analyst notes
  • Instant alerts of malicious or suspicious traffic emanating from your extended networks

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