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SANS-Norse Healthcare Cyberthreat Report

SANS-Norse Report Reveals that Cyberattacks Are Causing an Epidemic of Compromises at Healthcare Organizations

“This level of compromise and control could easily lead to a wide range of criminal activities that are currently not being detected. For example, hackers can engage in widespread theft of patient information that includes everything from medical conditions to social security numbers to home addresses, and they can even manipulate medical devices used to administer critical care.”

– Barbara Filkins, Senior SANS Analyst and Healthcare Specialist

SANS developed this report based on threat intelligence data gathered by Norse related to healthcare organizations in the US. The report details how healthcare organizations of all types have been and continue to be compromised by successful attacks.

Among the key findings:

Every type of healthcare organization was represented, from hospitals to insurance carriers to pharmaceutical companies
Compromised devices included everything from radiology imaging software, to firewalls, to Web cameras, to mail servers
A significant number of compromises were due to very basic issues such as not changing default credentials on firewalls

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