TOR & the Deep Dark Web: Managing the Risks of Internet Anonymity

When faced with the challenge of identifying, understanding and mitigating network security risks, TOR and the Deep Dark Web present obstacles that are increasingly difficult to overcome. Created as a means of protecting the privacy and anonymity of its users, TOR – the managed network of private computers leveraged by criminal elements to minimize the risk of surveillance and capture — is being exploited by the most technically proficient, aggressive, and organized of criminal syndicates. TOR has emerged as a network of choice in the Deep Dark Web for enabling illegal transactions involving weapons, drugs, stolen information, and is also often used as an anonymous communication channel for botanist advanced malware command and control (C&C).

Join this webinar by Norse to learn:

  • What is TOR and the deep or “dark web”?

  • The primary security and business risks they pose to organizations

  • Strategies and countermeasures that your organization can use to mitigate the risks

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